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Exceptional Organic Onions

At Peri & Sons Farms respecting, nurturing and caring for our beautiful farmlands has been a way of life long before there was an “environmentally–friendly” movement. We’ve always understood that our passion for growing and marketing delicious, healthy onions could only be fulfilled by taking care of our precious resources — our land, water and air. Our organic onion program grew from this deep love of the land.

Fortunately Nevada’s long, sunny days, dry climate, and clean underground well–water creates an environment that is naturally resistant to pests and disease, so unlike many farms, we have never been dependent on harmful pesticides or fertilizers.

Organic farming was a natural transition for us, and because we are committed to continual process improvement, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of organic–farming advancement. Our onions are never genetically engineered, modified or irradiated.

Peri & Sons Farms’ Organics continually meet and even exceed the National Organic Program standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2002. Year after year our onions have earned the USDA certified–organic seal; your assurance they are grown and handled in accordance with strict government standards and procedures.

More and more consumers are choosing organic produce as part of a healthy lifestyle and a growing awareness of the importance of protecting our natural resources and the lives — human, wild, plant and insect — that depend upon them.

Below, please find several resources meant to help increase your understanding and enjoyment of our organic onions.