Our Farm is Our Family

There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t give thanks for the good fortune of being successful year-after-year doing what we truly love—growing premium onions. Just onions. Lots and lots of them.

The farm David envisioned years ago, with the first seed he planted, has blossomed and grown significantly with the help and support of his family, friends and loyal team. Peri & Sons Farms is a true family farm, which is defined as a farm solely owned, operated and sustained by a family with a long heritage of farming.

Our deep, personal commitment sets us apart from farms that operate as collectives, trusts, corporations or other institutionalized entities. For us, farming is personal and we have a passionate, hands-on approach to every aspect of growing and marketing the white, yellow, red and sweet onion varieties we are known for.

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They Had A Dream

More than 100 years ago, three ambitious and hopeful Italian immigrants chased a dream straight into the harbor of New York City. It was there, amid scores of excited, shouting passengers that the first leg of their voyage ended. And it was there that the real journey began.

The New World offered the three brothers (David Peri’s grandfather and his great uncles) the simple promise of opportunity -- that with a little luck and a lot of hard work, they could one day farm land of their own. Standing on that ship the brothers had no idea that their humble dreams would bear such amazing fruit just three generations later. It is still amazing to think that David’s grandfather’s quest to farm in America inspired a family-farming heritage that lead to the family farm we have today -- actually one of the biggest seed-to-store onion operations in the world.

Growth Rooted in Nevada

Even though Peri & Sons now farms thousands of acres, it is still basically the same hands-on family farm that it was when David began farming that first 100-acre field decades ago. Through hard work, dedication and perseverance, we’ve had the good fortune of building a successful farm business that produces over 500 million pounds of onions each year.

Growing a Community

As our farms have grown so has our commitment to our community. Together, Peri & Sons Farms and Nevada Fresh Pak, represent the largest private employer in Lyon County, currently supporting over 400 full-time diverse positions including specialists in the areas of agricultural science, engineering, manufacturing, and business and information technology. The company also supports a seasonal work force of over 2,100 full-time employees. Based on recent economic impact studies the company’s direct and indirect impact on the economy in Northern Nevada now exceeds $200 million.

Culture of Wellness

Our mission, as a Certified Sustainable Farming Operation, addresses the three pillars of sustainability – People, Planet, Profit. We are committed to our planet’s integrity, our company’s health and improving the quality of life for our employes, our community and beyond.

Having Dr. John Barona, Ed.D., NCC, LCPC Director Of Organizational Psychology, on our team is just one of the many ways in which we are working to improve quality of life. Dr. Barona’s thoughtful insights and engaging motivational messages focused on improving mental and physical wellbeing, are having a positive impact across the company, and we’d like to share some of his messages with you.

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“Hello, I purchased a bag of your farm’s sweet onions from Costco and I just wanted to commend you for such incredible produce. Not only are your onions tasty and ultra fresh but each onion is gorgeous. I want to thank you for caring enough to provide your customers with high quality food. I happily will be passing the word with friends and relatives. Have a wonderful week.” -- Gina B.