Giving is its Own Reward

“The greatest joy in all of living is the joy that comes from freely giving.”

Below you’ll see some of the ways in which Peri & Sons Farms, and its employees, are making the world a little bit better, believing that by enriching others’ lives you enrich your life as well.

Our annual community-support program is thoughtfully developed, focusing on key areas that will have the greatest positive impact overall. Yerington, Nevada is at the heart of our business, so we will always be committed to local giving.

If you represent a legitimate organization and are looking for a donation for a worthy cause, please complete our Donation Application Form. Please allow three weeks for us to process your request.

“Thank you so much for your support of River Camp Firebaugh. This year we were able to provide amazing new experiences (like meeting a reticulated pyton) for our campers. We truly couldn’t do it without you.” -- Molly Schnur-Salimbenz, River Camp Firebaugh & Finn Telles, Director of Business Development

Little Bulbs, Big Benefit

Our employees are just as important an asset as our products and services and understanding and caring about their lives is a key aspect of our culture at Peri & Sons. So in 2013, David and Pam added a new family-friendly employee benefit by opening the “Little Bulbs” child care center.

Located just a few miles from the main office in Yerington, the dedicated staff at Little Bulbs provides high-quality care, for the preschool-age children of any full-time employee, free of charge. It’s been a rewarding experience and providing this service is another way we can make our employees feel valued and appreciated.

Growing a Good Future

Over the years the Peri’s commitment to their community has been demonstrated in many ways. As founders, the Boy & Girls Club of Mason Valley (BGCMV) holds a special place in the Peri’s hearts.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America developed a special “Great Futures Start Here” award that is presented to a business, organization, or individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to the youth of this country.

In 2015 Peri & Sons Farms was the area’s recipient of this award. When presented, it was said, “Since the day we began as a full-fledged Boys & Girls Club, David & Pam Peri have been there for our organization. Peri & Sons Farms has lead the way for our organization. Peri & Sons Farms, along with their tremendous team of devoted employees, who also give of themselves to our organization, have lead the way and are the Foundation of Club. We are eternally grateful!”

Boys & Girls Club of Mason Valley

When we do enough small things right, big things can happen.

With all the problems in the world it’s hard to know how, as just one person, you can make a difference. Why not start small and start here in your own community. You can do that, and we can help.

Small pre-tax donations, deducted automatically each pay period, make it easy to become a valued community supporter. Over time, enough small donations can turn into something big.

If you are a Peri & Sons Farms employee, you can donate through payroll deduction plan
Please SCAN & EMAIL this form to:
Or please PRINT & MAIL it to: Seeds of Good, P.O. Box 35, Yerington, NV 89447

Download Payroll Deduction Form »

Donate directly to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mason Valley
124 North Main Street, Yerington, Nevada 89447
Phone: (775) 463-2334

Hope is Sweet

Peri & Sons Farms’ annual “PINK” Breast Cancer Awareness promotion is a way for us to help spread the word about breast cancer research and prevention. Early Detection Saves Lives. Our $5,000 annual donation is made possible with your support. Look for our BCA bags in your local grocery store around October each year.

Find Free EZ-Sharable Content that may be helpful to yourself, or someone you know who is or has been impacted by breast cancer by visiting

Making Life $75,000 Sweeter*

Did you know that when you buy bags of our Sweetie Sweet onions, you’re indirectly helping us Make Life Sweeter for local charities in communities across the country. Giving Back has never been easier.

July 1st through December 31st each year, many of our Retail Grocery Customers** help support our Sweetie Sweet program and in return, a portion of our $75,000 annual donation goes to help fund local charities in their own community.

Together we are #MakingLifeSweeter for those in need. You can learn more by visiting

Sweetie Sweet Packs

*$75,000 in total to be divided amongst the various charities.
** Must be an active Peri & Sons Farms’ Sweetie Sweet program participant

“I was reaching out to say thank you to Peri & Sons Farms for your recent donation to support Northern Illinois Food Bank, which will help us serve even more neighbors during this difficult time. I had seen a note that the donation was related to Making Life Sweeter with your Sweetie Sweet brand, carried at Fresh Thyme Market.

Your gift will have a tremendous impact on our community. Because we’re able to get the most for our dollar, every $1 donated can help provide $8 worth of groceries. That means that your gift will help provide $20,000 worth of groceries for our neighbors in need. Now THAT is sweet! Again, thank you for your generous gift to support our mission of solving hunger in Northern Illinois. -- Molly Speckman, Development Officer, Cause Marketing, Northern Illinois Food Bank