For the Love of Onions

Whether you are a produce expert or just exploring cooking in your home kitchen, we hope to expand your knowledge and enjoyment of one of the worlds’ oldest and most widely-used vegetables--the onion.
Our Onion Varieties:
Nevada Whites™

White onions were the first crop that David Peri planted when he started Peri & Sons Farms and he’s perfected them to have a distinct pearlescent white color, large globe shape and firm feel. In addition to being beautiful, our white onions are full of flavor and surprisingly, they generally taste sweeter than most Spanish yellow onions. When stored properly, these onions will have a long shelf life. Use them in ethnic, stir-fry and casserole dishes as well as salads and salsa.

Wonderful Whites
Spring/Summer Yellow Onions

Yellow spring/summer onion varieties are called “short-day” onions because they are planted in the fall and their growing patterns are matched to days with shorter periods of sunlight. In general, these yellow onions have thinner, more feathery skins and have a lighter overall color and softer texture. Spring/summer onions tend to have a higher moisture ratio, so they will not hold in storage for long periods of time. You’ll want to use spring/summer onions as soon as possible after you buy them for the best quality and taste.

Spring/Summer Yellows
Fall/Winter Yellow Onions

Our fall/winter Nevada-grown onions are called “long-day” onions. They are planted in the spring and their growing patterns are matched to long days filled with sunshine, which gives the onions unique characteristics. Available in a variety of sizes, our yellow onions have beautiful, hard, shiny, copper-yellow skins. When stored under the right conditions our yellow onions will stay fresh a long while. In some circles, these onions are even called “storage” onions and they are by far the most popular and versatile variety of onion across the world.

Summer/Fall Yellows
Radiant Reds

You won’t find better looking or better tasting red onions than the ones we grow on our farms. Their nice globe shape and vibrant purple red outer skin coloring makes them beautiful to look at, but more importantly, they add a burst of flavor and bright color to a wide variety of fresh dishes. Our reds have firm white interiors with bright, red-rimmed, inner circles that make them a culinary delight. A red onion's flavor, texture and color are best experienced when eaten raw, mildly grilled or broiled.

Radiant Reds
Mild/Sweet Yellow Onions

America loves sweet onions! They are so popular that nowadays you can find them in your local grocery store most of the year. They are the perfect onion choice for those who want to cook with onions, but shy away from the more pungent yellow varieties. Our Peri & Sons Farms’ mild, sweet, yellow onions are sustainably grown on our family farms under the strictest food-safety protocols and are available in Premium (pesticide residue free) and USDA Organic.

Mild/Sweet Yellows
Sweetie Sweet® Sweet Onions

Looking for a truly sweet onion grown in the USA? Our Sweetie Sweet® onions are widely available from July through December each year. Grown only at Peri & Sons Farms, our special Sweetie Sweets are tender and juicy with just the right balance of sweetness and pungency. Sustainably and organically grown, they are hand-harvested and cured with loving care in a food-safe environment. We pack and ship direct from our family farms, so they are fresher and will last longer than sweet onions imported from other countries.

Swetie Sweet Onions
Cipollini Onions

If you haven’t tried them yet, Cipollini onions (pronounced chip-oh-lee-knee) will surprise you with their wonderful rich flavor. Their name literally means “little onion” in Italian, and indeed they are. Cipollinis are about the size of a golf ball that's been slightly flattened, and it takes a lot of care and nurturing to grow them perfectly like we do. These little onions are far sweeter than regular onions, making them ideal candidates for caramelization and roasting. These are Certified USDA Organic and available in no-plastic, earth-friendly packages.

Cippolini Onions

A member of the onion family, you can identify shallots by their smaller and more oblong shape. Peeling away the thin outer skin will reveal cloves rather than rings. Peri & Sons Farms’ shallots have golden brown skins with a creamy white flesh. They are little sweeter than regular onions and have a more subtle flavor overall. Shallots are good to use when you're looking for a more subtle flavor, such as in salads and vinaigrettes, or use them in slow roast dishes to bring out the sweetness.


Our line of specialty products keeps growing. We can now offer our customers USDA Certified Organic Garlic grow under the same Certified Sustainable farming practices we adhere to when growing all our onions. After harvest, our garlic is carefully stored and cured to ensure it has a long-lasting freshness not found in many more humid environments. Our garlic bulbs are available in no-plastic, earth-friendly packages.


Sustainably Grown

Our heritage of earth-friendly farming and land stewardship spans back three generations. Even in the early days of establishing Peri & Sons Farms, David Peri understood that the livelihood of the business, and of those who depended on the success of his business, was directly tied to the health and well-being of the environment.

We strive to continually improve efficiency in every aspect of our business. While we consider ourselves caretakers of the land, just as importantly, we understand the importance of taking care of our people. In addition to becoming a cleaner, more efficient and environment-friendly farm, we proudly provide programs designed to enhance worker welfare and wellbeing.


We are committed to growing good things with integrity by embedding sustainable principles and practices into everything we do. We strive to cultivate the highest environmental and ethical leadership standards as we foster our efforts and are mindful of vital resources for future needs.

“I am writing to tell you that your onions are the best I have come across in years. In the past several months, I have had onions that were bad - or quickly went bad shortly after buying. The Peri & Sons Farms yellow onions purchased from my local Jewel Food Store in Wheaton, IL looked, stored, and cooked like onions should. Thanks for caring about what you produce - the superior quality says it all.”

Thanks for Your Support!

Peri & Sons Farms grows, packs and ships over 500 MILLION pounds of white, red, yellow, sweet and organic onions each year, from our family farms in Nevada and California. Our farming success has allowed us to support thousands of jobs and build upon our family tradition of providing unparalleled service and support to our customers, employees and partners.

Our Newest Recipes

Browse our online collection of healthy, delicious, and easy-to-make recipes from your computer or mobile. With so many interesting recipes to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be inspired to try onions in new ways.
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“We’ve been buying the 3# bags from our local Walmart, using their grocery pick-up service due to Covid-19 (we’re considered high risk). I hadn’t really paid attention to where the onions were coming from before that, but I decided to take a look at the information on the package today. That’s when I visited your website. I’ll continue to hope that Walmart gives us your onions whenever I order them and once it’s safe to go shopping again, I’ll be looking for your onions when we go inside the store to get groceries. You seem to have a fine operation going. Good luck and thank you for providing us with these great onions! ” -- (Mrs.) Shawn M.

Our Certifications

Our Certifications


It took years of hard work, planning and preparation for Peri & Sons Farms became the first domestic, onion farming operation to achieve the Sustainably Grown certification from SCS Global Services (SCS). The certification, issued in January 2016, by SCS in accordance with the producer requirements of its Sustainably Grown standard, meets some of the world’s highest environmental, social and economic criteria. Achieving the certification through a stringent third-party audit requires an unwavering, company-wide commitment to the mission. We continue to uphold this important certification today.


Year-after-year since 2006 our onions have been Certified USDA Organic by Organic Certifiers -- Peri & Sons Farms ORGANIC onions continually meet, or even exceed, National Organic Program standards in accordance with the USDA’s and the EU’s strict government standards, procedures and regulations.

Packed with flavor and nutritional value, our organic onions also provide peace–of–mind in knowing they are domestically grown and not imported from countries with little-to-no organic standards.


At Peri & Sons Farms we take immense pride in being able to state that all of our onions, including our Nevada White Onions, are Non-Genetically Modified (GMO). We are a NO GMO farm operation. Our SCS Sustainable Farm certification ensures that no GMO products are involved in any way in our farming operation.

GMO foods/crops are ones that have had specific changes introduced in their DNA, using the methods of genetic engineering and which cannot occur naturally. In recent years GMO foods have become a popular topic of discussion and debate. As a family-owned company we totally understand these concerns and the need to know more.

Keeping Food Safe

We understand that growing fresh produce comes with enormous social responsibility and we take that very seriously -- from the very top of the company on down. To meet this responsibility, we have a food-safety department dedicated to upholding the SCS Global Services Certification process which entails following a rigorous protocol for growing produce in a natural, clean, safe and responsible way. We undergo GLOBAL G.A.P., GMP and Food Security audits, to ensure we are GFSI compliant, which allows us to sell anywhere in the world and it ensures a daily practice of specific hygiene is followed.

Our Supply Chain at Work
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