October 20, 2021

To Our Valued Customers:

There was a recall on fresh whole red, white, and yellow onions imported from Chihuahua, Mexico on October 20th, 2021. Our company did not purchase from any of the distributors named in this incident nor did we purchase product imported from Chihuahua, Mexico. Our onions are grown fresh right here in NV and shipped direct to stores. We do not have any association whatsoever with the parties that have been implicated in this recall. The onions in this incident are not from our company. Peri & Sons Farms onions are safe for consumption.

Peri & Sons Farms has the strictest food safety policies in place to ensure the safety of our customers and end consumers. Our internal food safety standards and practices require that all onions, red, white, sweets and yellows, sold from our farms and packing shed facilities carry a certificate of analysis with negative results for both Salmonella and E. coli. We have provided documentation of our testing analysis for your reference as attachments. See Certificates of Analysis. (COA). Additionally, verification of our food safety certifications can be found here: www.PeriandSons.com/Onions.

We hope this information and documentation of our testing will put your mind at ease with respect to the quality and purity of our onions. As always, COAs are available for all buyers upon request.

If you have any questions, please contact either me or Sara Brinkley, Director of Food Safety, Direct-775-463- 6301, Cell: 775-781-3886 or via email Sara@PeriandSons.com.

As always, the team at Peri & Sons Farms is completely committed to providing our customers a safe, pure, and clean product. We remain deeply grateful for your continued business and wish you and your entire team safety and good health.


Pamela Peri

Pamela Peri
Executive Vice President
Peri & Sons Farms
775-463-4444 Main Office
775-781-3838 Mobile

Sara Brinkley
Director of Food Safety & Organic Certification
Peri & Sons Farms
775-463-6301 Direct
775-781-3886 Mobile

A Farm for All Seasons
Our family farm’s earth-friendly, sustainable practices go back three generations. Long before it was trendy, David Peri understood that the livelihood of the business, and of those who depended on its success, was directly tied to the health and well-being of the environment. We continue to push the industry for more sustainable packaging options and we are transitioning in that direction as fast as we can.
Gourmet Organic Shallots
Our Packaged Products Pop!

All of our product packages engage consumers through our website and social media with free information, free recipes and free promotional giveaways. In addition to all of the high-quality graphic packages, we also offer colorful cartons, colorful tags, eye-catching DRCs and an array of POS signage that will catch the customers’ eyes and influence their produce purchase.

Our UB wrap-around mesh bags can be customized with any variety of onions, or a combination, in 2#, 3# and 5# sizes. We pack small vexar mesh bags with colorful tags in all varieties, including organics. We also offer a variety of 5#, 10#, 25#, 50# bags and 25# and 40# carton options. Call us today, so we can pack exactly what’s right for you.

Sweetie Sweet® Onion Packs

Peri & Sons’ Sweetie Sweet® Onion Packs

Sweetie Sweet® Organic Onion Packs

Peri & Sons’ Sweetie Sweet® Organic Onion Packs

Peri & Sons’ Red Onion Packs

Peri & Sons’ Red Onion Packs

Breast Cancer Awareness PINK Packs

Breast Cancer Awareness PINK Packs

Breast Cancer Awareness Organic PINK Packs

Breast Cancver Awareness Organic PINK Packs

Peri & Sons’ Nevada Whites™

Peri & Sons’ Nevada Whites™

Peri & Sons’ Yellow Onion Pack

Peri & Sons’ Yellow Onion Pack

Peri & Sons’ Organic Onion Packs

Peri & Sons’ Organic Onion Packs

Peri & Sons’ Sweet Onion Pack

Peri & Sons’ Sweet Onion Pack

Organic Gourmet Onions

Organic Gourmet Pearl & Cipollini Onions

Sunions Onion Packs

Sunions Onion Packs

Sunions Organic Onion Packs

Sunions Organic Onion Packs
Peri & Sons Farms
Peri & Sons Farms
Why Buy Peri?

We know there are plenty of places that can sell you onions, but what sets Peri & Sons Farms apart—besides the quality and consistency of our onions—is a customer-service program which surpasses any other in the industry.

Onions All Year

Our success and growth can largely be attributed to word-of-mouth endorsements for the consistent quality and flavor of our onions, as well as the exceptional customer service we provide.

Several years ago we realized that while our farmlands in Nevada produce bountiful crops of onions fall onions, we needed to also grow onions to meet our customer’s needs from April through August. That was the beginning of our year-round onion program we call Onions All Year.

Peri & Sons Farms
“I wanted to send you an email and let you know that we have received super positive feedback from our Produce Receiving team regarding the supply we are sourcing through your team. I know we don't get to hear enough positive feedback in this wild industry, so I wanted to take a moment to send this note in and let you know the program is going well from our end!! We appreciate your partnership and we look forward to growing this business with you!”
Peri & Sons Farms
Your Good Care

Our passion for growing premium-quality onions is surpassed only by our passion for growing strong long-term relationships with great customers like you. Toward that end we developed PeriCare℠ - a whole new level of customer care.

First and foremost, we have put in place: a highly-accessible team of knowledgeable sales pros; a trained shipping/transportation team; a food safety team and an operations team all readily available to better serve your needs. PeriCare℠ also means we are enhancing customer relations by providing timely and relevant communications and improving our methods for information distribution.

Our No-Gimmicks Guarantee

At Peri & Sons Farms, we are committed to providing every customer with superior products and service. If the produce you receive from us is not what you expected or is damaged or unsatisfactory in any way, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt so that we can find the best way to make it right – right away.

Peri & Sons Farms
Nationwide Distribution

Given that Peri & Sons Farms takes the time to hand-harvest and hand-select all of our onions, you can be sure we’re going to take exceptional care when it comes to delivering them.

Over the last 35 years, our seasoned transportation team has built relationships with transportation professionals across the nation. We use only highly-professional, experienced carriers that are licensed by the United States Department of Transportation and meet all regulatory standards.

Cultivating a Sustainable Future


We are diligently working to maximize resource productivity and sustainability. By utilizing the best available technology, advanced engineering and improved production methods, fewer resources are required to produce our products.

Contact Our Sales Team

At Peri & Sons Farms, we strive each and every day to serve our customers better. Please see below for a list of contacts, or fill out the form below if you have a comment or questions. We will get back to you within two business days.

Domestic Sales

Jessica Peri
Retail Sales Manager
775-463-6326 Direct
775-741-3949 Mobile

Kim Gattis
Sales/Business Development
775-463-6336 Direct
831-229-1409 Mobile

Mindy VanVleck
775-463-6313 Direct
509-945-3513 Mobile

Monique Blajos
775-463-6325 Direct
775-316-1040 Mobile

Denise Fischer
775-463-9981 Direct
509-480-1287 Mobile

Joe Bowers
775-463-6343 Direct
775-815-0364 Mobile

Elias Alvarado
Senior Sales Assistant
775-463-6338 Direct
775-781-9152 Mobile

Alejandra Alvarado
Sales Assistant
775-463-6303 Direct
775-781-1806 Mobile

Samantha Anderson
Sales Executive Assistant
775-463-5015 Direct
530-721-1867 Mobile

Vanessa Velez
Sales Executive Assistant
775-463-9965 Direct
775-315-1974 Mobile

International Sales

Peter Ng
1-805-407-3663 Direct


Teri Gibson
Director, Marketing & Customer Relations
775-463-6324 Direct
775-745-6094 Mobile

Ace McClellan
IT & Social Media Manager
775-463-9937 Direct, 775-450-6738 Mobile

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